Is Youtube Down? How To Find Out If It’s Just You

If you have the main menu up, there will be a lot more options, but the library page will still be close to the top. You can delete YouTube playlists on your computer or on your phone. It’s up to you and depends what’s more convenient for your needs. Luckily for you, we walk you through both ways, and you can decide which way you would like to do it.

Throughout high school and college, Green created and designed websites for himself and local clients. His first project, the “Mars Youtube Exploration Page”, in 1994, experienced minor success on the heels of the Mars Pathfinder Mission. Later website,, brought press from local news channels and the Orlando Sentinel. Green continued as a web developer after moving to Montana for graduate school, focusing on developing websites for educational institutions and environmental non-profit organizations. Now, press “Delete All” to permanently delete all the videos stored in your library.

  • To make a sale, you need to make sure that you have a good landing page set up with an enticing product description and price.
  • Because no one should be forced to choose between earning a living and caring for their child.
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Of course, we are obligated to point out that this is not a legal blog, and nothing we say here constitutes legal advice. As mentioned above, YouTubers these days rarely rely on YouTube Partner Programme money alone. If you are unwilling to budge on the ad blocker front, you could always seek out one of these alternative methods and support them that way. If YouTube were to start combatting ad blockers, it would lead ad blockers to find new ways to get around YouTube’s solutions, which would prompt YouTube to come up with new methods, and so on. As the world of DRM has taught us time and time again, this kind of situation rarely ends well for the consumer.

Best Youtube Channel Name Ideas

Now that you understand the consequences of deleting or hiding the channel let’s see how to do it. Now, go to Actions and then select Delete to complete this process. Go to the YouTube website and sign in to your YouTube account. So if you ever want to go back to that video, make sure you have an additional copy somewhere on your computer.

Hiding your channel doesn’t affect any of the Google services or even YouTube. But unlike other changes, your comments will be permanently deleted, which is what we wanted. Because here we are coming with the solution regarding the same query. But, before that, we want to inform you that you can also hide the videos on Youtube. To perform such kind of operation, you have to use an option of Video Manager on a computer. This option will allow you to modify, delete and hide videos on your channel at anytime and anywhere.

Submission: The Boy King Of Youtube

Furthermore, these countries have higher numbers ofYouTube Redusers, which further adds to your profits. If you make videos related to these topics, you are likely to get great audience engagement and high CPC. Also,to increase your earning potential, make sure you create videos around popular topics in your niche, post regularly, use the right equipment, and hone your video editing and the necessary SEO skills.

How To Revive A Dead Channel

The process to clear your YouTube history differs by device, so in this article I cover web browsers, iOS, Windows, Android and smart TVs. While the reason for deleting the account is currently unknown, it is possible that JaMill may have been experiencing issues with YouTube’s new guidelines on what content can be monetized. Tap “Library” in the lower right corner and then go to “Your videos”. Hover the mouse over the video you want to delete, click on the three dots “Options” button and press “Delete forever”. You can, however, use any YouTube interface to delete individual videos.

It was brought up that Kennedy was one of the 12 people that a recent report found to be the most prolific spreaders of Covid 19 disinformation online for months. Social media outlets have looked for ways to control misinformation, but pressure has increased from regulators and the general public in recent years. But with the pandemic and the 2020 elections, there’s even more pressure for platforms to more actively police disinformation on their websites. There are many people who listen to music on YouTube and not just through popular streaming apps like Spotify. Now, those who use YouTube for watching music videos or other content, know that the platform now displays ads more than ever. While it is crucial for the company to run ads to generate some revenue, it gets a little annoying when you get 4-5 ads in lengthy videos.



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